Dev Watercooler – Itemization in 6.2

By Blizzard Entertainment


In World of Warcraft Patch 6.2, we’re making some changes to our Raid itemization with the goal of improving the Personal Loot experience, creating more interesting distinctions among items, and providing rewards that more closely reflect the challenge players face to earn them.

Personal Loot Improvements

The Personal Loot system offers several advantages to certain group types, but there are still several areas where we think we can make improvements. Our goals with Personal Loot going forward are threefold:

  • Make Personal Loot more consistent and rewarding.
  • Bring Personal Loot up to be competitive with Group Loot, so players who prefer Personal Loot receive rewards comparable to those you get from groups using Master Loot or Need/Greed.
  • Celebrate rewarding Personal Loot within the group in a way that captures the excitement of receiving rewards in Group Loot.

First, rather than treating loot chances independently for each player—sometimes yielding only one or even zero items for a group—we’ll use a system similar to Group Loot to determine how many items a boss will award based on eligible group size. As a result, groups will receive a much more predictable number of drops when they defeat a boss. In addition, set items will reliably drop in Personal Loot, just like they do in Group Loot today. The end result is that groups using Personal Loot will acquire their 2- and 4-piece set bonuses at around the same time as groups using Group Loot acquire theirs.

We’re also increasing the overall rate of reward for Personal Loot, giving players more items overall to offset the fact that Personal Loot rewards can’t be distributed among group members. We know that finding that one awesome specific trinket to round out your gear set can be difficult with Personal Loot, and this should help increase your odds.

Finally, the most visible change is the new Personal Loot UI. Part of the fun of raiding is progressing and improving as a group, not just as an individual. The previous Personal Loot system celebrated your own rewards, but would bury what your groupmates received in the chat log. However, the moment when your friend finally wins that long sought-after sword can be just as important to you as that moment you won your boots—and we wanted the game to help you celebrate it, too. Now when you loot an item, everyone in your group will see what you won!

These Personal Loot improvements aren’t limited to Hellfire Citadel—we’re …read more


Preview 6.2 – Pets Galore

By Blizzard Entertainment


As we continue to explore new territory in Draenor, it should come as no surprise that new battle pets and new battle pet rewards will be found. Thus far, Draenor has contained a great deal of diversity for pet battlers, and Patch 6.2 will be no different. Let’s take a look at some of what’s in store for your collection.

Please note: Spoilers are ahead! If you want to discover the new battle pets and rewards for yourself, don’t read any further!

Tanaan Stop Action

First and foremost, Tanaan Jungle is where the action can be found on all fronts. You will find battle pets of all types dotting the landscape, four of which are new and just waiting to be caught for the first time:

  • Bloodbeak
  • Cerulean Moth
  • Violet Firefly
  • Fen Crab

Keep an eye out for the new quest “A Fel Puppy of My Own”, through which you can acquire the delightful new Fel Pup.

Just delightful.

But the jungle doesn’t only provide garden-variety battle pets. If you look carefully, you’ll find that there are 15 fel-corrupted legendary pets scattered throughout Tanaan. Your Pet Battle Master in your garrison will have some new information for you to get started. You can only defeat any of these legendaries once per day, and when you do, you’ll receive a container of Fel-Touched Pet Supplies, which will include:

  • Gold
  • Pet Charms
  • Pet Bandages

And has a small chance to include:

  • A Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stone (single use, grants +5 pet levels)
  • One of these rare pets:
    • Periwinkle Calf
    • Zangar Spore
    • Seaborne Spore
    • Nightmare Bell

You can ring my Nightmare Bell. Ring my Bell.

We’ve also got a new achievement for you when you defeat all 15 legendary opponents in Tanaan Jungle.

You’re Too Charming

Patch 6.2 is going to introduce a new vendor to your level 3 Garrison Menagerie. Tiffy Trapspring and Giada Goldleash have been attracted to your impressive stash of Pet Charms, and want to take them off your hands in exchange for the following pets:

  • Dusty Sporewing
  • Bloodthorn Hatchling
  • Glowing Sporebat
  • Lost Netherpup

And the following toys:

  • Magic Pet Mirror
  • Indestructible Bone
  • Spirit Wand

And the Hunt Continues

A number of new battle pets coming to World of Warcraft with patch 6.2 can be found all over the worlds. Back home in Azeroth, adventurers will cheer when they find the non-combative Nethaera’s Light glowing in Dalaran. Meanwhile, two new fishing pets are turning up at the Darkmoon Faire. One is called Blorp (also a non-combat pet), and the other is the wondrous Ghostshell Crab.


<p …read more


Selfie Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes

By Blizzard Entertainment

Hunt down the weekly location, take a screenshot of yourself there, submit it on our sweepstakes site, and you could win big prizes!

The WoW Selfie Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes has begun, and every week you have a chance to win Blizzard gear, Balance codes, or an iPhone 6—and every week you enter it increases your chances to win the Grand Prize: a trip for two to BlizzCon 2015!

Visit the WoW Selfie Scavenger Hunt site now to enter, and come back each week for a new challenge.

…read more


Mastering the Many Mounts

By Blizzard Entertainment

In this series of blog posts, we’ll look at some of the content in World of Warcraft where you might need a helpful nudge in the right direction—maybe you’re stuck, maybe you got sidetracked, or maybe you don’t even know how to begin! Join us as we travel all over Azeroth and Draenor to uncover and thoroughly tackle the many different little adventures available to any player.

In this edition, we’re looking at some of the more fun and interesting ways to grow your collection of mounts. If you haven’t done much (or any) mount collecting since the launch of Warlords of Draenor, you’re in for a treat, as the latest expansion introduced more than 40 new mounts to the game. Some are exceptionally difficult to obtain, but this article focuses primarily on mounts that more easily attainable—but still require a bit of effort and know-how.

What follows is intended for players who haven’t already overcome the content, though keep it mind it will contain minor spoilers. If this particular information isn’t for you because you’re already a mounted master, then well done! In the comments below, let us know what you’d like to learn how to master in a future blog post.

There’s No Place Like Home

Your Garrison offers you the most direct way to get your reins on 10 new mounts, eight of which are available via the Stables. If you don’t have a Stables, it’s a building that requires a large-sized plot, so you’ll have to demolish your Barracks, Bunker/War Mill, Gearworks/Workshop, or Mage Tower/Spirit Lodge to make room for it. Don’t worry if you want to demolish the Stables later once you’re done with it—any mounts you earn from the Stables will remain in your collection permanently.

These six mounts are obtainable via quests that pop up in your Stables each day:

The quests will require you to track down wild beasts in various zones, lasso them, break them, and ultimately tame them and make them love you.

Once you have all six, you can take on the achievements Advanced Husbandry and The Stable Master. The first rewards an Armored Frostboar, and the second grants you the Armored Frostwolf. This is where things get tricky.

The achievements require you to go to Nagrand and kill each of six named enemies while mounted on each of your six trained mounts. …read more


Patch 6.2 Zone Preview: Tanaan Jungle

By Blizzard Entertainment


Deep within Tanaan Jungle, the manipulations of the warlock Gul’dan have twisted what remains of the Iron Horde into a sinister new form—an army of fel orcs brimming with demonic strength and insatiable bloodlust. Now Gul’dan continues his machinations from inside the seemingly impenetrable Hellfire Citadel, plotting to open a portal for a massive invasion force.

In Patch 6.2, level 100 heroes of the Horde and the Alliance must return to Tanaan Jungle and stop Gul’dan before his dark plans bring about untold ruin. As part of your quest, you’ll explore Draenor’s darkest corners, confront twisted new foes, and face a new series of chapter-based quests that will put everything you’ve learned on Draenor to the test.

Getting to Tanaan Jungle

One does not merely stroll into Tanaan Jungle—there are preparations to be made, including establishing a Shipyard for your Garrison in a bid to take on this new threat from two directions: both land and sea. You’ll progress through a series of quests in which you’ll be asked to build a Shipyard, begin an assault on Tanaan by sea, and set up a new forward base hub—Vol’mar for the Horde and Lion’s Watch for the Alliance. Completing missions will provide materials for your Shipyard, supporting your ongoing efforts to control the seas of Draenor.

TanaanJungleBlog-Entry02_WoW_Thumb_JM_260x130.jpg TanaanJungleBlog-Entry_WoW_LThumb_JM_550x200.jpg

The Story Continues

Much like the previous Garrison Campaign chapter-based quests, a new series of random quests will take players through the developing story and further into the jungles of Tanaan, including key locations such as the cave in which Kilrogg sacrificed his eye. Over the course of your journey, you’ll learn that Gul’dan and his fanatical allies have even more sinister plans up their sleeves.


Objective Hubs

Once your new outpost is established, you’ll go on the offensive and choose one of two hot spots each day to assault. Your goal is to undermine Gul’dan’s plan to drag the whole of Draenor into chaos. There are seven new areas to explore, including:

  • Ironhold Harbor: Stop the Iron Horde’s reinforcements from making landfall.
  • Ruins of Kra’nak: Stop Gul’dan’s Shadow Council from recruiting the arakkoa.
  • Temple of Sha’naar: Defeat demon-summoning Sargerei in this ruined temple.
  • The Felforge: You’ll need to throw a monkey wrench into the manufacturing of fel machinery.
  • The Iron Front: Hold the line in this massive battlefield to the west.
  • Throne of Kil’jaeden: You and your party will face …read more


This Month in WoW – May 2015

By Blizzard Entertainment


April showers may bring May flowers, but they don’t put food on your Garrison’s tables. The war against the Iron Horde marches on, and the battle will be advancing into Tanaan Jungle in Patch 6.2—now available on the Public Test Realms. You can check out the latest patch notes here, and once you’ve had a chance to try it out, share your experiences with other testers on the PTR forums.

Upcoming In-Game Events

Darkmoon Faire Returns [May 3 – May 10]
The illustrious Darkmoon Faire makes its triumphant return early this month. Bring on the dancing bears!

Upcoming World of Warcraft Tournaments

Looking for something in the realm of eSports? Here are a few World of Warcraft Arena tournaments to keep tabs on.


GCDTV US: Tournaments every Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PST / 3 a.m. CET
GCDTV EU: Tournaments every Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. CET / 3 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. PST

The GCDTV [(G)lobal (C)ool(D)own TV] tournament is hosted by DMachine and cast by Arena veterans Supatease and Venruki, and you can catch all of the action on the GCDTV Twitch channel. Catch up on previous tournament VoDs here, and follow their official GCDTV Twitter feed to stay up to date on all of the action.

ArenaMonster Opens 3v3 Tournament

See Arena Monster’s 3v3 Tournament Sunday, May 17 at 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern / 2 AM Central Europe
Learn more here. You can catch the Live stream on Arena Monster’s Twitch channel. Follow their Twitter account to stay on top of the latest news.

Gamers League 3v3 Arena Tournament

Ending May with a bang, Gamers League will be streaming a tournament on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 on their Twitch channel. Visit their site or follow them on Twitter to find out more. Check out previous tournament VoDs here.

Stay up to date on all of the latest tournaments in our forum thread here.

Are you running an event that isn’t listed here? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our eSports team by emailing Be sure to include “WoW” in your subject line!

This Month in World of Warcraft History

World of Warcraft turned 10 last November, and we’re well on our way into year eleven! A lot has happened since the game’s launch, …read more


BlizzCon® 2015 Contests—Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Preparations!

By Blizzard Entertainment

The time has come to begin your preparations for this year’s BlizzCon contests! All of the contests from BlizzCon 2014 will be returning—Costume, Talent, Art, and Movie—and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with to impress the world this year.

Information on how to sign up and official rules are coming soon, but if you’d like to start planning your creations in advance, here’s a bit more information on what to expect.

Live Contests
BlizzCon 2015 Costume Contest

The Costume Contest is coming back, and we’re already trying to guess what heroes, adventurers, villains, and oddities we’ll see onstage. Eachyear your creations get more elaborate and spectacular, and we’re sure that this year will be no exception.

As in prior years, we’ll be opening up online signups for the contest in the coming weeks. The number of contestants will be limited, and those who don’t make the initial cut will be placed on a wait list. Final contest registration and participation confirmation will take place on Friday morning at BlizzCon, so please make sure you have a purchased BlizzCon ticket in hand, secure your place in the contest or on the wait list during the online sign-up, and have your costume finished well in advance. Spread the word to all of your cosplay friends — BlizzCon is the place to see and be seen!

Remember:It’s important to keep safety in mind as you’re planning your creation—that means you must be able to easily and safely see out of and maneuver in your costume without assistance, and make sure your costume allows you to see clearly and move easily. In addition, no real weapons, dangerous materials, or large motorized costumes will be allowed.

BlizzCon 2014 First Place Winner – Py Wilson

BlizzCon 2015 Talent Contest

The Talent Contest will also be returning to the stage at BlizzCon 2015! Last year’s competition featured performances by some truly talented participants, and this year, we’re looking forward to seeing an even wider variety of acts—juggling, dancing, hooping, we want to see it all!—so even if you can’t carry a tune, your other skills might carry you to the stage.

If you’ve got serious performance chops, you could have a chance to showcase your Blizzard-themed talent live on stage at BlizzCon in front of a massive audience and win great prizes (including a trip to BlizzCon and lodging). We’ll be accepting video applications of your performances in the near …read more


WoW Token: Video Overview

By Blizzard Entertainment

The WoW Token is now here, and we’ve put together an overview to show you how it works. Check out the video below for a closer look at the process of acquiring and trading Tokens and gold.

You can learn more about WoW Tokens in our original announcement and additional details post.

…read more


Community Spotlight: Jandice Barov by TamplierPainter

By Blizzard Entertainment

This week’s Community Spotlight is on TamplierPainter, who recently created this excellent piece called “Jandice Barov”. We asked the artist to tell us more about it.

Q: What was your impetus for the design of this piece?

A: I really like the old instances and raids in WoW. You could say that I’m a big fan of the classics, and that’s one of the reasons that I decided to portray this character. Most players’ attention goes to new content, but I would very much like to draw the attention of players to old dungeons and bosses, some of which have been long forgotten.

Q: How long does it take you to create something like this?

A: This is affected by many factors, from my workload to the complexity of art. If I’m very lucky, I can finish it in a week. If not, a picture like this can take up to six months. But this one only took about a week.

Q: What other works inspire you?

A: I love the creativity of Wei Wang. For me, he remains the undisputed authority going back years. He just has amazing technique and command of anatomy, light, and detail. His piece “Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise” took my attention for a very long time. I was also delighted by his “Warchief Garrosh Hellscream”. He is like a teacher to me, and I hope to get to meet him personally someday.

I also really like the work of Andree Wallin and Mariusz Kozik. They are great masters of their craft.

Q: How did this one tie back to the game?

A: Most of all I love the Warcraft story and the world itself. I love the characters and heroes. I remember, as a kid I played Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, and most days of my life since, I’ve continued to play games from this universe. Playing WoW, I usually spend most of my time in PvP. I would like to fully complete the PvE content, but that wouldn’t work with the amount of time I have to spend on my art.

Q: If you could add one thing to the game, artistically, what would it be?

A: I don’t really know. In artistic terms, the game is so harmonious and efficient that I may not have anything to add. Okay – I wouldn’t mind updating the old battleground loading screens! I like how the the new battlegrounds (Kotmogu, Mines ) have very …read more


Patch 6.2 Preview—Bonus Events and Adventure Guide

By Blizzard Entertainment

As development continues on Patch 6.2, we’re excited to share some additional information on two new upcoming features—Bonus Events and the new Adventure Guide.

Bonus Events

The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of seven different activities, currently scheduled to run from Friday through Monday of each week. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar (located in the upper right-hand corner of the mini-map) can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide—discussed in detail below—will also offer a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.

Timewalking—The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King

The schedule will feature two different Timewalking Bonus Events, each themed around an expansion: The Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King. Your character’s level and gear scales down to the dungeon at Heroic difficulty, but the loot you receive is scaled back up, making it a great way to gear up characters as well as receive cool items for transmogrification. Completing three Timewalking dungeons as a part of a quest during the event awards a Seal for an extra bonus roll, which isn’t counted toward the weekly cap of three seals. Learn more about the Timewalking Bonus Event in our Patch 6.2 Preview – Timewalking.

Draenor Dungeons

While this Bonus Event is active, defeating enemies in any Draenor dungeon will award reputation with an appropriate faction. Completing two Mythic-difficulty Warlords dungeons as a part of a quest during the event awards a Heroic Hellfire Citadel Raid cache.


During the Battlegrounds Bonus Event, you’ll earn triple Honor points from random Battlegrounds. Completing the event quest by winning a few random Battlegrounds awards 500 Conquest Points, which do not count toward the weekly Conquest cap.

Arena Skirmishes

You’ll earn triple Honor points from random Arena Skirmish matches during this event. A quest to win several random Arena Skirmish matches will award 500 Conquest Points, which do not count toward the weekly Conquest cap.


If you’re trying to stock up on Apexis Crystals, you’ll be able to gain triple the amount from eligible creatures during this Bonus Event. Completing three area assault objectives during the event awards a sizable amount of Oil to fuel new Naval Missions as a part of your Shipyard. (More information on …read more